Vesicles of the Bladder Wall 2

hage_31_n.jpg: Schoolchild with the same history as in hage_30_n.jpg. On endoscopy numerous vesicles of edema of the bladder mucous membrane are visible; their surface is covered by a network of capillaries. Due to this phenomenon and spontaneous bleedings, the vesicles may have hemorrhagic color. It is a granular hemorrhagic cystitis. Out of all additional examinations, only cystoscopy allows to diagnose a cystitis, especially the described special types of cystitis, to explain the symptoms and signs, to make prognostic statments (granular cystitis and hemorrhagic subgroup have a protracted course), and to propose guidelines of treatment; e.g. showers are recommended in girls to avoid a backflow of bath admixtures into the bladder during a bath.