Vesicles of the Bladder Wall 1

hage_30_n.jpg: 5-year-old girl with secondary enuresis, pollakiuria, dysuria, and stress incontinence. On endoscopy semi-spherical, opaque vesicles are visible on a tangential view of the lateral bladder wall close to the trigonum and at the orifice of the right side; in addition, red-brown spots can be identified on the view from the front. It is a specific type of cystitis, the cause of which is not yet known; this so-called granular cystitis is observed mainly in girls 6 to 12 years of age. It is combined in 50 % with a urinary tract infection and may lead to erythrocytes in the urine sediment, or to a hematuria. In general, all urinary tract infections may lead to hematuria.