Suppurated Kidney

hage_29_n.jpg: Excised right kidney of a 9.7-year-old girl which was removed by emergency surgery. Visible is a pyelocaliectasia with bleedings and suppuration, and a nephritis with focus-like arranged yellow masses corresponding to abscesses. The diagnosis is a xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis of the right side in multiple ureteric stones. The stones have not been recognized and treated on time. The aim of treatment in stones is to avoid nephrectomies or partial resections of the kidney after pyonephrosis, shrinkage of the kidney, or partial hydronephrosis. This was necessary in 1/5 of children in an older population (e.g. hage_21_n.jpg belongs to the findings of these children) than in the population of hage_28_n.jpg.