Flank Mass and Preparations

Figure hage_10a_n.jpg and hage_10b_n.jpg: Preparations from two children following partial resection in grade 3 renal trauma with separation and devitalization of one kidney pole. Devitalization is mainly recognizable in hage_10b_n.jpg. In hage_10a_n.jpg a large fracture hematoma is visible which includes 2/3 of the preparation. The preparation is 6.5 cm in length. This huge hematoma explains why in severe renal trauma a flank mass may be seen and palpated clinically with an extension to the upper and middle belly. $$hage_34??nr=2££Compare with picture of a CT with contrast in a severe kidney trauma§§. The distance of the left flank from the spine is much larger than of the right side, which can already be seen with the naked eye.