Renal Injury

Lateral picture of catheterangiography in a 11-year-old boy with a blunt trauma to the belly. Demonstration of the vessels originating from the right renal artery and of the renal parenchyma. On the ventral side there is an interruption of the renal contour in the middle of the renal convexity. The diagnosis is a renal injury grade 3 (III), provided that it is not combined with an injury to the pelvis or the caliceal system, which is not yet visible at this step of examination. Today, an ultrasound with doppler and thereafter - depending on the case - a CT with contrast or an IVU is performed for the diagnosis and graduation of renal injury, and for the recognition of combined injuries to other organs. The former angiographic pictures are still useful for didactic reasons and for better comprehension of the renal vascularization in renal trauma.