Peptic Stenosis (Reflux)

Preparation of a segment of the distal esophagus in a case of dysphagia and regurgitation. The stenosis is 1.5 cm long and even passable for a 1.5 mm wide Hegar probe. It is a preparation of an annular peptic stenosis of the esophagus which was resected by thoracotomy. Due to the short distance of resection the two residual parts of the esophagus have been anastomosed together without tension. Of course, it is necessary to treat the reflux, too, and follow-ups are needed due to the danger of re-stenosis of the esophagus (histological involvement of the borders of the resected segment). Notice the thickened wall of the preparation due to esophagitis and periesophagitis at the distal end of the segment.