Type 4-5 (Reflux, Hiatus Hernia)

Esophagogastrography: On the right side at the bottom the fundus is filled with contrast and an air collection at the highest point (air-fluid level). During the application of contrast a reflux in a cavity is visible which is divided on the left side from the fundus, and from there in the esophagus on the left side at the top. In this female infant with a nearly lateral x-ray during contrast application there is a gastroesophageal reflux combined with a permanent epiphrenic pouch lying above the diaphragm = hiatus hernia ($$haem_2??££compare the diagram no. 4§§) . $$haem_02??££In comparasion to§§ it a simple reflux shows no or only minor morphological changes and no hiatus hernia ($$haem_2??££diagram no. 2-3§§).