Esophagogastrography 3 (Reflux)

Esophagogastrography. Bottom right: Gastric fundus which becomes visible by a lot of air and some contrast. Top left: Cavity of nearly the same size which is visible by a thin contrast coating. A filiform connection between the two structures can be seen !£haem_14_p£!. The diagnosis is hiatus hernia with a very large epigastric pouch. In contrast to the pH-metry and endoscopy a reflux combined with hiatus hernia can be diagnosed only by x-ray. The field of esophagoscopy which is often proposed as the second additional examination is the macroscopical and histological recognition of an $$haem_7??££esophagitis§§ ; with it a differentiation of a simple reflux from a complicated one can be made more reliable than with the history alone (possible hematemesis).