Esophagogastrography 1 (Reflux)

Esophagogastrography in a 13.9-year-old girl with disturbances of swallowing. X-rays in prone and lateral position from the bottom to the top: Normally wide distal esophagus with a double-contour of the back wall, filiform esophageal segment over a distance of two vertebral body hights, and a proximal esophagus dilated four- to fivefold. The diagnosis is a peptic stenosis of the esophagus in a still active esophagitis. This stenosis is in contrast to the case in $$haem_8??££alternate picture§§ even narrower and - above all - of long distance. Even if a demanding and enduring bouginage may be successful initially, in future a replacement procedure of the esophagus must be considered following resection of the stenotic esophageal segment. In case of disturbances of swallowing and similar radiological findings also an achalasia of the esophagus must be considered as differential diagnosis; but in the latter case the change of esophageal calibre lies in the lower end of the esophagus.