Severe Form/Posterior Type 1 (Hypospadias)

geni_5a_n.jpg and geni_5b_n.jpg: External genitals of a 5-month-old infant. geni_5a_n.jpg: The scrotum is divided, and the penis seems to be small. geni_5b_n.jpg: From the tilted glans to the anterior third of the divided scrotum halves no urethra exists. There, an orifice is recognizable. On both sides, a testis is visible and palpable in the middle of the scrotum. geni_5a_n.jpg and geni_5b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is a posterior type or severe form of hypospadias, or more precisely, a penoscrotal to scrotal hypospadias. geni_5a_n.jpg resembles female or intersexual external genitals. This differential diagnosis must be discarded due to the normal-sized testicles with a correct localization in the scrotum.