Labioscrotal Folds with Micropenis (DD Ambiguous External Genitals)

geni_33a_n.jpg to geni_33c_n.jpg: Striking external genitals in a patient at age 7 months and 1.4 years. geni_33a_n.jpg: Both empty scrotum halves are reminiscent of female external genitals with labia majora due to an invisible penis. geni_33b_n.jpg: Analogous picture of the same patient 9 months later; now, an interlabial structure is visible in the posterior part. geni_33c_n.jpg: On unfolding the external genitals, the already mentioned interlabial structure is reminiscent of a micropenis. Farther behind a longitudinal opening is recognizable which in the meantime has partially stuck together. geni_33a_n.jpg to geni_33c_n.jpg: The diagnosis is xx-male syndrome, a special type of abnormal development of the gonads. The diagnosis was only possible using additional examinations, such as analysis of the chromosomes. A smaller part of such patients may have intersexual external genitals instead of male genitals. geni_33a_n.jpg is reminiscent of penile agenesis and geni_33b_n.jpg, and geni_33c_n.jpg of perineal hypospadias because the vagina or urogenital sinus which is partially stuck together may feign an ectopic male urethral orifice.