Hypospadias 1 (DD Ambiguous External Genitals/Hypospadias)

geni_30a_n.jpg and geni_30b_n.jpg: Clinical and operative findings in an 1.11-year-old toddler with abnormal external genitals. Figure geni_30a_n.jpg: Between the labioscrotal folds a penis-like structure and below it an opening is visible. geni_30b_n.jpg: During surgery the urethra empties on the base of the penis-like structure (catheter on the top) and divided from it, the vagina (catheter on the bottom). No testicles are palpable. geni_30c_n.jpg: The genitography shows a urethra and bladder and a separate vagina which enter the vestibulum individually, analogously to a Prader's stage I. geni_30a_n.jpg to geni_30c_n.jpg: In this additional case of male pseudo-hermaphrodidism, masculinization of the external genitals is also incomplete, and female elements are present. The latter and the empty, not characteristic scrotum do not support scrotal (or vulviform = shaped like a vulva) hypospadias.