Large Clitoris 1 (DD Ambiguous External Genitals)

geni_27a_n.jpg: 11-month-old girl with hypertrophy of the clitoris. In addition, a reddish and wetting midline structure is visible between the labia. geni_27b_n.jpg: On spreading the labia majora, the ventral side of the clitoris and a fine opening are visible. geni_27a_n.jpg and geni_27b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is a Prader's stage II adrenogenital syndrome in a girl. On spreading the labia majora, a single and urine-producing genital opening is seen. The hypertrophic clitoris is reminiscent of a micropenis and is a sequel of androgenic hormones. The urogenital sinus is closed in its posterior part.