Empty Scrotum (DD Ambiguous External Genitals)

geni_26a_n.jpg and geni_26b_n.jpg: 3.2-year-old boy with an empty scrotum. geni_26a_n.jpg: The scrotum exhibits distinct skin folds; a testis is neither visible nor palpable on both sides. geni_26b_n.jpg: On traction on the base of the penis upward, the empty scrotum halves are remarkably small and long. geni_26a_n.jpg and geni_26b_n.jpg: The diagnosis is adrenogenital syndrome in a girl with a Prader's stage V, which means that a complete virilization of the external genitals has occurred. The common part of the urogenital sinus functions as male urethra. The testicles are not palpable, and the hypoplastic scrotum looks - concerning its size and shape - $$hode_01??££different from a normal scrotum§§. Nevertheless, cryptorchidism (not palpable testicle on both sides) is an important differential diagnosis in the presented case.