Apron-like Labia Minora (DD Abnormal Female External Genitals)

geni_22a_n.jpg: 2-week-old girl with apron-like labia minora which continue backward without a recognizable anus. geni_22b_n.jpg: On spreading the labia majora, the vagina is visible at the front and ajacent to an anus-like structure in the back. geni_22a_n.jpg and geni_22b_n.jpg: There are striking external genitals which may be attributed to a girl. The cause is an anorectal malformation with a recto- or anovestibular fistula. It is easy to understand that the parents are upset and worried by such striking external genitals. Although defecation is possible, the evacuation of stool occurs in direction of the vagina and the urethral orifice; recurrent urinary tract infection and colpitis are possible. In addition, the fine regulation of fecal continence is reduced; that's why surgery should be performed already in early infancy by formation of a perineum and consideration of the external sphincter muscle.