Penis Torsion (DD Abnormal External Genitals)

geni_21a_n.jpg: Teenager with deviation of the urinary stream to the right side. In the view from the front, the glans and the orifice are turned in a clockwise direction. geni_21b_n.jpg: Initial finding in an infant prior to the correction of the striking external genitals. The fine probe marks the ventral end of the longitudinal urethral orifice which is turned in a counter-clockwise direction by 90 degrees together with the longitudinal axis of the penis . geni_21a_n.jpg and geni_21b_n.jpg: Both patients have a torsion of the penis; in penile torsion, the longitudinal direction of the penis is more frequently turned by 90 degrees and more in a counter-clockwise direction (corresponding to geni_21b_n.jpg) than in a clockwise direction. A deviation of the urinary stream may be a sequel. Torsions of the penis occur either as an isolated malformation, or combined with hypospadias, or after surgery in which the operative technique, e.g circumcision or urethral reconstruction, did not prevent artificial torsion.