Apparent Mikropenis (DD as before)

geni_20a_n.jpg: External genitals in a toddler. On the left side in the picture, small penis on inspection. On the right side in the picture, the penis is somewhat larger after pushing backward the suprapubic fat paunch. geni_20b_n.jpg: After local application of androgen unguent, the penis is much larger and even larger after pushing back of the suprapubic fat paunch. Both testicles are descended and developed according to the age. geni_20a_n.jpg and geni_20b_n.jpg: A micropenis is often imitated; in the presented case by a fat paunch in the pubic region. In every case, the unstretched and the stretched length of the penis must be measured and compared with the normal values. In the presented case an operative correction of the apparent micropenis was not indicated; prior to the disappearance of the fat paunch during growth it is possible to apply androgen unguent for psychological reasons for a limited period and to stimulate the growth of the penis.