Isolated Penis Curvature (Hypospadias)

geni_16a_n.jpg: 2.1-year-old boy with a penis curved in a ventral direction without obvious hypospadias. geni_16b_n.jpg: The artificial erection which was performed prior to surgery shows a penis shaft curvature of more than 90. geni_16a_n.jpg and geni_16b_n.jpg: Curvatures of the penis shaft also occur in case of a seemingly normal penis. Yet, precise inspection prior to and during surgery may exhibit signs of hypospadias, such as a divided prepuce on the ventral side of the glans in spite of a normal site of the orifice, and other findings. In the presented case no such signs were found. Following the necessary excision of the chorda (= fibrous cord along and underneath the site of the urethra), the orifice is shifted in a more proximal direction which requires a distal urethral reconstruction.