Penis Curvature 2 (Hypospadias)

geni_12a_n.jpg and geni_12b_n.jpg: Prior to the artificial erection, a pronounced curvature is present which may be imitated by the surplus of skin; and during the artificial erection which is achieved by injecting normal saline solution into the corpus cavernosus, the real curvature is less marked ( geni_12b_n.jpg).$$geni_4?? In this already presented intermediate type of hypospadias , the distinct penis curvature has to be considered during surgery. Not only the spreading of the ventral side of the penis by traction on the prepuce and the inspection of the penis shaft from the side belong to the clinical skills, but also the observation of possible spontaneous erections. On the other hand, an artificial erection should only be performed in general anesthesia.