Penis Curvature 1 (Hypospadias)

4.7-year-old boy with anterior hypospadias. Striking curvature of the penis = deviation of the longitudinal axis of the penis in the sagittal plane in a ventral direction. On precise inspection from the side, there are two additional findings besides the suspected curvature of the penis shaft: 1) Severe tilting of the glans, and 2) midline web at the angle between the root of the penis and the raphe of the scrotum = webbed penis or palmure of the penis. The latter may be observed as an isolated anomaly or combined with hypospadias, and simulate a micropenis. During surgery, the tilting of the glans and the webbed penis has to be considered, as well as a possible curvature of the penis shaft; the latter can be excluded by an artificial erection. The webbed penis needs a Z-plasty.