Local Findings 2 (Hypospadias)

geni_10a_n.jpg and geni_10b_n.jpg: 3.10-year-old boy with somewhat striking external genitals. geni_10a_n.jpg: In the view from the top the penis is widened in its foremost part. geni_10b_n.jpg: On traction of the prepuce which is on the dorsal side copious, it becomes obvious that on its ventral side the glans is not covered by the prepuce. geni_10a_n.jpg and geni_10b_n.jpg: These diagnostic important findings are recognizable in each agegroup and in each type of hypospadias. The deformity of the foremost part of the penis is due to a widening of the glans to the side, due to a ventral tilting of the glans, due to a cape-like deformity of the abundant dorsal prepuce, and to a missing union of the prepuce on the ventral side. The widening of the glans is used in prenatal diagnosis of hypospadias.