Surgical Abdomen and Primary Amenorrhea

gebl_7a_n.jpg to gebl_7e_n.jpg: 12.11-year-old developed girl with surgical abdomen and primary amenorrhea. gebl_7a_n.jpg: A membrane which protrudes in a widely open introitus is visible. It completely obstructs the vagina. gebl_7b_n.jpg: After superficial incision a dark-red background is visible. gebl_7c_n.jpg: After large incision and excision of the membrane a dark-red and brown fluid is evacuated. gebl_7d_n.jpg and gebl_7e_n.jpg: View of the upper third of the vagina which is much larger, and the appearance of the collected fluid. gebl_7a_n.jpg to gebl_7e_n.jpg: It is a hematometrocolpos in total atresia of the vagina; the membraneous closure lies at the transition to the upper third of the vagina. This type of atresia of the vagina is not visible from the outside; on palpation of the vagina with a probe, the vagina is not deep enough.