Prominence at the Introitus (Interlabial Mass)

gebl_6a_n.jpg: 13.3-year-old developed girl with a large intralabial mass. It is protruding at the level of the introitus of the vagina and is shining through bluishly in its lower half. gebl_6b_n.jpg: Following the incision a lot of darkly discolored blood emerges from the vagina. gebl_6a_n.jpg and gebl_6b_n.jpg: It is a hematometrocolpos, the cause of which is a congenital atresia of the hymen. It must be differentiated from the less frequent atresias of the vagina which are total or partial, and lie below the hymen, at the transition to the upper third of the vagina, or in front of the cervix. Besides the leading symptom 'intralabial mass' also an abdominal emergency, abdominal tumor, urinary retention, constipation, and primary amenorrhea may be prominent in the clinical presentation.