Mass at the Introitus (Interlabial Mass)

gebl_4a_n.jpg: 2-week-old girl with a small intralabial mass. It lies at the anterior border of the introitus of the vagina and differs from its surroundings by the white color. gebl_4b_n.jpg: 13.3-year-old developed girl with an asymmetrical obstruction of the introitus of the vagina. In the lower part of the left vulva a clear to bluish mass shining through is protruding which stretches the overlying skin. gebl_4a_n.jpg and gebl_4b_n.jpg: In both cases maldevelopmental cysts are present which are derived from the Gartner's or Mullerian duct. In gebl_4a_n.jpg the cyst lies beside the urethra and displaces the urethra. In gebl_4b_n.jpg, the cyst lies in the left lateral wall of the vagina. In addition to the asymmetrical site, also the possibility to examine the lumen of the urethra and of the vagina with a probe are indications of such a lesion as cause of the observed intralabial mass. In prolapsing ureterocele with ureteral duplication the cyst lies on the lower circumference of the urethral orifice, and the lumen of the urethra can also be calibrated with a catheter, but in front of the cyst.