Swelling at the Urethral Orifice (Slight Urethral Prolapse) / Genital Bleeding

gebl_01_n.jpg: 2.4-year-old girl with bloody spots on the panties and vaginal discharge. Prior to cystocolposcopy inspection of the external genitals is performed after spreading the vulva. Around the urethral orifice an annular swelling of the mucous membrane is visible. As additional finding a perineum treated by gentian violet and adhesions of the foreskin of the clitoris can be seen. The diagnosis is a slight type of urethral prolapse (= protrusion of the mucous membrane of the distal urethra). The mucous membrane is a normal color, and neither an edema nor a necrosis is present; therefore, a strangulation has not yet occurred. Thrush at the perineum and synechia of foreskin of the clitoris are signs of insufficient hygiene. gebl_02_n.jpg: Newborn girl with genital bleeding. In this patient the discharge of blood from the vagina can be observed directly as in $$gebl_11??££picture of a toddler§§ with trauma to the external genitals. In other cases the diapers or the panties are covered by blood-stained or bloody spots as for instance in blood-stained purulent vaginal discharge in vulvovaginits or in direct discharge of blood.