Epidermoid Cyst at the Vertex

Figure epid_7a_n.jpg to epid_7c_n.jpg: Epidermoid cyst at the vertex of the head. Figure epid_7a_n.jpg: 3.1-year-old boy in whom the mother palpated a mass over the vertex in the midline during hairdressing. The operatively and histologically diagnosed epidermoid cyst lies in the posterior half of the sagittal suture, partly subcutaneously, partly in the bone of the suture, and directly over the sagittal sinus (category 3a). Figure epid_7b_n.jpg: Osseous defect within the sagittal suture. Figure epid_7c_n.jpg: Transverse cross-section of the mass with the subcutaneous and intraosseous part, and the contact to the sagittal sinus (flow pattern in the ultrasound with Doppler).