Epidermoid Cyst over the Fontanel

Figure epid_6a_n.jpg to epid_6d_n.jpg: Epidermoid cyst over the anterior fontanel. Figure epid_6a_n.jpg: Pea-sized mass in the frontal part of the anterior fontanel !Łepid_6a_pŁ!. Figure epid_6b_n.jpg: At the age of 4 months the same mass has increased to the size of a nut; the hair of the overlaying skin is less dense due to the effect of the growing mass like an enlarging tissue expander. Figure epid_6c_n.jpg: An additional skull defect adjacent to the anterior fontanel is visible in the skull x-ray. Figure epid_6d_n.jpg: In the ultrasound the non-indented dura and the triangular cross-section of the sagittal sinus is visible. The category 3a type of epidemoid cyst has been confirmed during excision, which should not be performed on out-patient conditions.