Intraosseous Epidermoid Cyst (Plain X-ray, CT)

Figure epid_4a_n.jpg to epid_4e_n.jpg: Parietal intraosseous epidermoid cyst (category 3a). Incidental finding during long term follow-ups in a shunt patient with slowly increasing size of the cyst. Figure epid_4a_n.jpg: Lateral skull x-ray with the three parts of a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt at the age of 1.1 year. The cyst is not yet recognizable ($$hydr_25??nr=1££alternate figure§§). Figure epid_4b_n.jpg: At the age of 4.1 years rounded skull defect with a sclerotic border in front of the valve. Figure epid_4c_n.jpg: At the age of 13.7 years distinct increase of the size of the cyst (compare the size with the sella turcica). The valve has been changed in the meantime. Figure epid_4d_n.jpg: The CT shows the cyst which is mainly situated within the bone and its size in centimeters. Additional finding: Slit ventricles (compare hydrocephalus in chapter macrocrania). Figure epid_4e_n.jpg: Lateral skull x-ray 3 years following removal of the cyst; the defect has filled up spontaneously with bone.