Periorbital Swelling

Figure epid_17a_n.jpg to epid_17c_n.jpg: 1-year-old girl in whom a swelling of both eyelids (more pronounced on the right side) was observed within one month. Figure epid_17a_n.jpg: Actually, a not well distinguishable swelling of the lateral part of the right eyelid and of the periorbital temporolateral region. Figure epid_17b_n.jpg: Localized venous design of the right frontal region (white arrow). The local findings do not fit in with a epidermoid cyst of the the lateral eyebrow. Figure epid_17c_n.jpg: The site of biopsy in the temporal periorbital region; a bony defect filled up with blood. At the lower border of the defect residual tumor is seen within the soft tissues (black arrow). Histologically and according to the work-up examinations the diagnosis is a neuroblastoma stage IV of the right adrenal gland with metastasis of the orbita and right frontotemporal skull.