Subperiostal Hematoma of the Head

epid_16a_n.jpg and epid_16b_n.jpg: Traumatic or spontaneous hematoma of the galea and mainly a subperiosteal hematoma restricted to one bone can mimic a tumor-like mass; particularly if no history of trauma is known. In the case of an underlying linear skull fracture the suspicion of a depressed skull fracture arises after a couple of days because the hematoma is liquefied in the center and coagulated in the periphery. epid_16a_n.jpg: The mother of this 6-month-old infant consulted the emergency department due to a pasty swelling. In the middle of the swelling a pasty dent, and at the periphery, a dam was palpable. The lateral skull x-ray showed a parietooccipital soft tissue swelling and a fine clear line of the skull corresponding to a linear skull fracture. epid_16b_n.jpg: A grotesque parietal hematoma following a parietal skull fracture with epidural hematoma in a 1.4-year-old girl.