Cushion-like Parietooccipital Masses

Figure epid_13a_n.jpg and epid_13b_n.jpg: 11-month-old girl with parietooccipital cushion-like, smooth and elongated masses running to the midline of the vertex. Increase of the masses after changing the position from sitting to lying, and during crying. Figure epid_13a_n.jpg: Lateral skull x-ray: Parallely to the visible tumefactions, running calcifications are recognizable, and as an additional finding silver-beaten appearance of the skull as a sign of possible increased intracranial pressure. Figure epid_13b_n.jpg: The Ultrasound with Doppler shows venous flow patterns within the masses. Figure epid_13c_n.jpg: The MRI exhibits large protrusions and defects of the skull due to very large, abnormal venous vessels which drain directly into the superior sagittal sinus. Figure epid_13d_n.jpg: These findings are even more distinctly visible in the venous stage of angiography (arrows). The diagnosis of these masses is a sinus pericranii.