Pictures of the Face (Atypical Cerebral Concussion)

Figure comm_9a_n.jpg to figure comm_9d_n.jpg: Schoolchild with an atypical concussion. The photographs of the natural history were taken at the emergency department where the boy was supervised during several hours until the hospitalization, and compared with the written documents of the nurses. Figure comm_9a_n.jpg: The contusions and abrasions of the face after a vehicular accident point to a head injury. The patient does not open the eyes spontaneously in contrast to the following figure comm_9b_n.jpg, where the patient spontaneously opens the eyes; nevertheless, the boy is sleepy. Figure comm_9c_n.jpg: The patient is deeply unconscious and cannot be awakened even with very painful pinching. Figure comm_9d_n.jpg: After many hours, the patient has been hospitalized, and is now completely awake for the first time.