Cerebral Concussion and Facial Fractures

Figure comm_16a_n.jpg to comm_16c_n.jpg: In addition, facial fractures may go unnoticed with head injuries. Therefore, the facial soft tissue, the facial bones, lips, the vestibular cavity, and the teeth, mastication and occlusion, and motility of the eyes must be carefully tested. Figure comm_16a_n.jpg: Insidious are lacerations of the chin like in this schoolchild who had a fall with his bicycle. Looking closely at the face, a swelling of the left cheek is obvious. Figure comm_16b_n.jpg: The panoramic(film) tomography of the lower jaw with the teeth shows a buckle of the collum of the left lower jaw. Figure comm_16c_n.jpg: A fracture of the head of the left lower jaw is confirmed by a panorthogram; notice the intact right side for comparison.