Operative Findings (Bilateral Morgagni Hernia)

atno_30_n.jpg: 5-month-old girl with a small to medium-sized bilateral (sternocostal diaphragmatic) Morgagni hernia. View from the top on the sternocostal part of the diaphragm. The connection to the abdominal cavity has been opened by incision of the hernia sac at the site of the defects, and on the right side a protrusion of a parenchymatous organ is visible. On the left side a similar but smaller structure can be seen, too, next to the retractor. The protrusion of the parenchymatous organ is a process of the liver which becomes visible after incision of the hernia sac. Morgagni hernias detected by chance are operated on by abdominal access (upper transverse incision of the belly) or by a thoracic approach through an intercostal incision; following resection of the hernia sac the defect is closed. In acute clinical presentation (gastric volvulus or intestinal incarceration), emergency surgery is needed.