Opacity Chest X-ray (Additional Examinations)

atno_27a_n.jpg: Chest x-ray of a 2-month-old girl which shows a similar shape and site of the opacity as in the previous case, yet of larger dimension and with a shift of the heart to the left. atno_27b_n.jpg: Chest x-ray of a 1-year-old girl with an enormous opacity occupying more than half of the right hemithorax, situated at the level of the heart, and exhibiting rounded limits. atno_27a_n.jpg and atno_27b_n.jpg: In contrast to the previous patient, these x-rays have been performed in both girls due to respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiac symptoms. Both girls have a large Morgagni hernia of the right side which contains parts of the liver and stomach and have led to cardiac signs at least in atno_27b_n.jpg. These findings also remind of a mediastinal tumor, a pathology of the diaphragm (paralysis, diaphragmatic eventration), or a lung process (cyst or metastasis).