Lymphangioma (Differential Diagnosis RDS)

atno_21a_n.jpg: Newborn with a large mass spreading from below the ear via the angle of the lower jaw to the neck. It is cystic on palpation. atno_21b_n.jpg: In this patient the floor of the mouth and the tongue are elevated by a bluish and reddish mass, and the mouth is nearly closed. atno_21a_n.jpg and atno_21b_n.jpg: Both cases are examples of a cervico- or orofascial cystic lymphangioma. This congentinal tumor is a typical example of congenital cysts and tumors which in the region of the neck or mouth, depending on their site, size, and extension, lead to an obstruction of the upper airways and to a respiratory distress syndrome in the newborn. In atno_21b_n.jpg the cystic lymphangioma is combined with parts of a hemangioma which may cause additional spontaneous hemorrhages and therefore an acute growth of the mass (connection with tumors of the neck). atno_zz1_n.jpg: This girl has a large tongue leading to difficult breathing and food intake. The diagnosis is a mixed type of facial and neck lymphangioma. The floor of the mouth as well as the deep and superficial structures of the neck are involved. Notice the effacement of the neck contours.