Mediastinal Tumor (Differential Diagnosis RDS)

atno_18a_n.jpg and atno_18b_n.jpg: Chest x-ray of two young infants with signs of the respiratory system. In both cases the mediastinum is shifted to the right side, and mainly the left lung is compressed. Figure atno_18a_n.jpg: Displacement of the heart to the right side, scoliosis of the thoracic spine (which is convex to the right side) and overinflated right hemithorax (notice the width of the right intercostal spaces differing from the left ones). The diagnosis is a gigantic teratoma of the anterior mediastinum which includes at least half of the left hemithorax. Figure atno_18b_n.jpg: Displacement of the esophagus depicted by contrast and overinflation of the non-involved parts of the lung. The operative and histological findings correspond to a cystic lymphangioma of the middle mediastinum which has also a posterior extension with displacement of the esophagus. Notice the cyclic limit of the left mediastinal border; $$metu_15??££see picture for comparison§§.