Leading symptoms in pediatric surgery

Prof. Georges L. Kaiser, MD

An instructional program for undergraduate and postgraduate study in medicine of the Institute for Medical Education (IML) and the university clinic for pediatric surgery of the Inselspital, Bern.
  • ≈ 1700 pictures and schematics relating to clinic, radiology and situations during surgery illustrate 27 key symptoms in pediatric surgery.
  • 80 children's drawings reflect the world children live in.
  • Find specific content using the sitemap or the search engine.
  • Order your certificate for your extension studies.
  • Learning path for students.
  • ≈ 20 videos give a deeper insight.
  • Most texts can be read out by a virtual speaker.
  • ≈ 260 DDs: check your knowledge.
  • Selftest: Based on a picture relevant to a case a number of claims are made; you decide which ones are true, and which ones are false.